List of posters:

– “Bestiarium Mesopotamicum: Animal Omens in Ancient Mesopotamia.” By N. De Zorzi – N. Lundeen – M. Rinderer – J. Pfitzner (University of Vienna)

Cuneiform Language Identification (CLI) shared task at VarDial Evaluation Campaign 2019.” By T. Jauhiainen, H. Jauhiainen, T. Alstola, K. Lindén (University of Helsinki)

Édition de la série divinatoire Šumma ālu.” By C. Mittermayer (University of Geneva)

Ki, Kiš, Enki, and Their Kartvelian Origin.” By A. Meskhi (Caucasus University)

– “Kunara: an Early Bronze Age city in the Zagros Foothills.” By A. Tenu (CNRS Paris, UMR 7041)

Medical information in the divination series Šumma ālu.” By F. Minen (School of Advanced Study, University of London)

Oracc in Korp.” By S. Svärd – H. Jauhiainen – A. Sahala – T. Alstola – T. Jauhiainen – K. Lindén (University of Helsinki)

– “Scientific approach to an absolute chronology through synchronisms dated by astronomy.” By G. Gertoux (Paris)

– “The character of the da-da in the light of the unpublished archeological texts” By Huda Hadi Alwash (Iraq)

– “Vive le macron! Profitons-en!” By J. N. Postgate (University of Cambridge)

– “Walking on Sherds: Typological Analysis on the Ceramic Materials from the Archeological Survey of Koya” By C. Coppini (Freie Universität Berlin) – C. Pappi (University of Innsbruck/Freie Universität Berlin)

– “Working women in Ur III and Mari: theoretical-methodological tools for their study.” By L. Urbano (CEDCU-CONICET-Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina) – A. Garcia-Ventura (IPOA, Universitat de Barcelona – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain)